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** Note, Only Medisoft Version 17-21 (V17-V21) Are ANSI 5010 Complaint -
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Medisoft v12

Medisoft v14

Medisoft v15

Medisoft v16

Medisoft v17

Customized Aging Buckets

Withhold Code Type for Procedure Codes

Serialized Superbills

Multi-link Treatment Plans

Deactivate Codes

Color-coding Transactions and Quick Ledger

Dunning Messages for Statements

Statement Management

Cycle Billing

Rules-based Collection Assignments

Actionable Collection Worklist

Task or Date-driven Collection Workflow

On-demand Collection Letters

Automatic Recalculation of Patient Remainder Balance

Automatic Small Balance Write-offs

Missed Copay Tracking

Unprocessed Transactions (Holding Tank)

Global Days (surgical billing)

Billing for 8 Diagnosis Codes

Missed Copay Remainder Statement

Small Balance Write-off by Statement Submission Count

Statement Manager Remainder Balance Display

Collection List Link to Quick Ledger

Deposit List Detail Print

Integration with BillFlash from NexTrust (automates printing & mailing of patient Statements)

Gender includes ‘Unknown’

Patient Date of Death Field

Patient Suffix Field – Jr., Sr., etc

Separate Race & Ethnicity Fields

Timely Filing Indicator

New Nature of Condition Choices

EPSDT Referral Code Drop Down List of Choices

Allows Up to 12 Diagnosis Codes per Claim/Transaction

Allows Up to 12 Condition Codes for Professional Claims

Provider Full Middle Name

Other Insured Group Name

Claim Notes – Defaults From the EDI Notes in the Case

Transaction Notes

Purchased Service Amount in Procedure Codes

NDC Code Units Default From the Procedure Code

Auto submission from Statement Management to BillFlash

Links Within Medisoft to Launch Directly into BillFlash

Submit Custom Formats to BillFlash

Practice email Field

Electronic Health Record (EHR) Integration

Medisoft v12

Medisoft v14

Medisoft v15

Medisoft v16

Medisoft v17

Basic Patient Demographic and Appointment Feed from Practice Mgt System to EHR

Electronic Encounter Form Feed of Transactions to Practice Management System

Customizable HL7 Interfaces with EHR

Enhanced One-way Clinical Data Flow From Practice Management System to EHR via

Updated A04 and A08 Patient Message:

-Phone Number & Cell Phone

-E-mail Address

-New Insurance Carriers

-New Referring Physicians

Appointment Status Updates Sent via Bi-directional Data Exchange

New Communication Manager Controls:

-Determine if Appointment Status Updates have been Transmitted and Received

-Send Enhanced Library Resources to Medisoft Clinical, Including Provider, Facility,

Procedures and Diagnosis Updates

Install DVD Includes Medisoft v17 Client Server and Medisoft Clinical on One DVD (greatly reduces the number of screens that require user intervention)


Automatic Rebill for Claims

Insurance Groupings for Reporting and Analysis

Remittance Tracking for Secondary Claims

Integrated Electronic Eligibility Checking

Aging View in Transaction Entry

UB-04 Paper and Print Image

Custom Dates on ERA Posting

Revenue Management (integrated electronic claims solution that improves claim, eligibility and remittance processing)

Customizable and Flexible Grid Entries for Insurance Carriers, Providers, Your Practice and Your Data Requirements (improves claim generation)

Eligibility Data Entry & Processing Logic (greater control & ability to manage payor IDs)

Define When the System Checks for Eligibility Updates (enhanced system performance)

Enhanced Search Filters in Payor ID Lookup (includes ability to add, edit & delete a record)

Security Assignments Same for Insurance & Eligibility (streamlines eligibility security & access)

Changes to Comply with the ANSI x12 Version 5010 Format Standards

-EDI Note in Edit Claim window, EDI Note Window, EDI Notes List Window

-Several Fields Moved and Added, Options Added, and Windows Restructured

-Option for UB-04 Condition Codes Moved to Main Lists Menu

Rev Mgt Electronic Remittance Advice Updates to Comply with ANSI 5010

-Updates to RelayHealth Implementation Guide

-Remittance Delivery Method (RDM) Elements Added to Loop 1000B

-Coverage Expiration Date (DTM) Element Added for denied coverage

-Claims Received Date Elements (DTM) added in Loop 2100

-Updates Made to the Claim Preview Report and Claim Details Report

New Insurance Carrier Type Choices

Medicare Secondary Reason Code Field

Medicaid Special Program Choices

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Our New Insurance Claim Forms Are Compatible With the NEW CMS 1500 2014 Claim Form

Our free quick start "How to use Medisoft" video training will help you understand how to quickly enter and print the new CMS 1500 2014 claim form info. This new claim form can begin to be used Jan 6, 2014 and is REQUIRED by April 2014. Our program is terrific for medical offices and medical billing services. Our medical practice management software is designed especially for windows. The claims program is easy to use especially in the windows environment. Our insurance billing service software is also affordable and priced well below other programs costing thousands of dollars more. Click here if you are interested in McKesson Practice Choice web based emr software.

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