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Medisoft Upgrades and Medisoft Updates

Its time for a Medisoft upgrade or Medisoft update if your


Medisoft version is below Medisoft version 19 ,


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Medisoft upgrades and Medisoft updates - If you are looking for a Medisoft Upgrade from Basic to Advanced, or Advanced to Network Professional, please see the chart below for a comparison. If you are wanting a Medisoft Upgrade from an older Medisoft version to the latest, please call for a free, no cost or obligation quote at 888-691-8058 or 941-743-6666






Customized Aging Buckets

Withhold Code Type for Procedure Codes

Automatic Rebill for Claims

Deactivate Codes

Aging View in Transaction Entry

Custom Dates on ERA Posting

Global Days (surgical billing)

Billing for 8 Diagnosis Codes

Integrated Electronic Eligibility Checking

Multi-link Treatment Plans

Serialized Superbills

Color-coding Transactions and Quick Ledger

Dunning Messages for Statements

Statement Management

Cycle Billing

Rules-based Collection Assignments

Actionable Collection Worklist

Task or Date-driven Collection Workflow

On-demand Collection Letters

Insurance Groupings for Reporting and Analysis

Automatic Recalculation of Patient Remainder Balance

Automatic Small Balance Write-offs

Remittance Tracking for Secondary Claims

Missed Copay Tracking

Unprocessed Transactions (Holding Tank)

Missed Copay Remainder Statement

Small Balance Write-off by Statement Submission Count

Statement Manager Remainder Balance Display

Collection List Link to Quick Ledger

Deposit List Detail Pricing

Post Batch Insurance Checks and EOB’s


Security Added to MediUtils

Auto Log-off

Warning on Unapproved Codes

Unique Identifier Fields

ANSI Standard Electronic Claims

HIPAA Security Ready

Rules-based Password Management

User Access History Reporting

Multi-level Trigger Management

5 Levels of Permissions and Security

Print Permissions Grid

Security Permissions on Reports

Global Security

Integrated Reporting Security






Export to Microsoft® Excel

Case Billing Code Filter on Standard Reports

File Maintenance Progress Reporting

Print Blank Superbills

Facility Report

Quick Receipt and Quick Statement

Patient Collections Reports

Insurance Collections Reports

Unapplied Copayment Report

Standard Patient by Insurance Report

Standard Patient by Diagnosis Report

Standard Patient by Procedure Report

Dashboard – Totals

Dashboard – Trending

Medisoft Reports – more than 200 reports

Special Features

Online Updates

Integrates with Microsoft Excel

Data Export/Import

HL7 Interface

Final Draft Word Processor

Integrated Dashboard

Workflow Administrator

Standard Integrated Word Processor

Standard Chart Number Change Utility

Customizable Grid for Insurance Carriers, Providers, Practice & Data Requirements

Enhanced Search Filters in Payor ID Lookup

Customizable Toolbar

Office Messenger

Multimedia File Storage

Patient Archiving

Electronic/Billing Functions



Network Professional

CMS-1500 Print to Paper and Save Print Image File

UB-04 Print to Paper and Save Print Image File

Print Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Claims on Paper

Send CMS1500 Claims Electronically

with McKesson’s Relay Health Clearinghouse

Receive Electronic Remittance/EOB’s

with McKesson’s Relay Health Clearinghouse

Check Insurance Eligibility Electronically

with McKesson’s Relay Health Clearinghouse

Send UB04 Claims Electronically

with McKesson’s Relay Health Clearinghouse

Patient Statements

Print Standard Patient Statements on Paper

Send Electronic Standard Patient Statements with Billflash

Print 30, 60, 90 Patient Statements on Paper

Send Electronic 30, 60, 90 Patient Statements with Billflash

Print Patient Remainder Statements on Paper

Send Electronic Patient Remainder Statements with Billflash

Cycle Billing for Patient Statements

Medisoft Clinical Charting Program Interface

Basic Patient Demographic and Appointment Feed from Practice Management System to EHR

Electronic Encounter Form Feed of Transactions to Practice Management System

Enhanced One-way Clinical Data Flow from Practice Management System to EHR via Updated A04 and A08 Patient Message

Phone, Cel Phone, Email, New Insurance Carriers, New Referring Physicians

Appointment Status Updates Sent via Bi-directional Data Exchange

A word about Medisoft ANSI 5010 Electronic Claims Readiness:


Pleased be advised that to be Medisoft ANSI 5010 compliant for electronic and paper claims, you will need at least Medisoft Version 17.

We can help you with all your Medisoft Support and Training Needs. From Medisoft Errors, to Medisoft Data Export, Medisoft Reports, Medisoft Custom Reports, Medisoft Tech Support, Medisoft Database Conversions, Medisoft Access Violations, Medisoft Installation Help, Medisoft Updates and Medisoft Upgrades, Medisoft ANSI 5010 Electronic Claims Readiness, Medisoft Network Professional, To EDI Support Help, We're Just A Phone Call Away At 888-691-8058

Our New Insurance Claim Forms Are Compatible With the NEW CMS 1500 2014 Claim Form

Our free quick start "How to use Medisoft" video training will help you understand how to quickly enter and print the new CMS 1500 2014 claim form info. This new claim form can begin to be used Jan 6, 2014 and is REQUIRED by April 2014. Our program is terrific for medical offices and medical billing services. Our medical practice management software is designed especially for windows. The claims program is easy to use especially in the windows environment. Our insurance billing service software is also affordable and priced well below other programs costing thousands of dollars more. Click here if you are interested in McKesson Practice Choice web based emr software.

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