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Medisoft Training and Medisoft Support

Medisoft Training and Medisoft Support is available


now by calling us at 888-691-8058 or 941-743-6666.

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Medisoft Training and Medisoft Support Info:


Do you want to learn how to setup Medisoft and how to use it effectively in your office? If so, you'll be pleased to learn about our Medisoft Training packages either online via the web and telephone, or onsite at your office.

Here are a variety of topics we can cover in Medisoft Training:
1- Medisoft medical billing software Installation, setup, program options.
2- Medisoft Transaction entry, copays, and bulk insurance payment posting.
3- Medisoft EDI installation, setup and training.
4- Medisoft End of day, week and month processing.
5- Medisoft Reporting.
6- Medisoft Statements.
7- Medisoft Electronic statement setup and use.
8- Medisoft electronic prescription setup and use.
9- Medisoft Quick Patient Entry setup and use.
10- Medisoft Work List setup and use.
11- Medisoft backup, restore, and monthly utilities.

We can customize a Medisoft Training medisoft especially for your needs and experience.

For fastest service and most economical pricing, we can provide medisoft training via the web. However, we can also provide Medisoft onsite training at $1,000 per day ( 8 hours), plus airfare and lodging.

Our Medisoft Training and Medisoft Support Qualifications:


We are one of the oldest and most experienced and trained Medisoft Dealers in the Country, Period. We cut our teeth on Medisoft DOS back in 1989 and have been dealers ever since (heck, some kids out there hawking Medisoft software and Medisoft support were still in diapers or not even born yet when we got started). We were one of the first 10 dealers in the country to be pass the dealer support exam, and be awarded Medisoft Authorized Platinum Dealer status, we have also served on the Medisoft VAR advisory board as well. We have been to every dealer training seminar that we can think of, from the Advantage Database training and Data Repair, to Electronic Claims EDI training, to EMR and EHR trainings and more.

How does that help you with your Medisoft Training and Medisoft Support Issue?


First, chances are good we have seen your problem before and know the solution. Secondly, since we have so much history and experience of the program, we know specific "quirks" and issues that were in each version of Medisoft. Thirdly, we network with Medisoft support personnel and other dealers around the country to stay on top of current issues and help each other solve Medisoft errors and Medisoft technical problems. Lastly, our dedicated team of staff members are friendly and willing to log into your system to actually "See" the problem you are experiencing and can walk you thru how to fix the problem, do it for you, or train you on how to use the Medisoft software, and also download your database in some instances and use expensive software tools to fix and repair your database. If you need Medisoft Training, then call us now at our Medisoft Support Number 888-691-8058 or 941-743-6666.

Call 888-691-8058 or 941-743-6666 for current pricing specials

Medisoft database corruption - Medisoft data repair fees --


Database corruption can happen due to a variety of factors including bad hardware; bad network cards, cables, switches, routers; power outages; using wireless network adapters (hey, it just like your cell phone, when you drive or walk in certain places, the call drops out, its the same with wireless networks when other equipment interferes with the signal and drops packets and corrupts your data)-- we use very expensive software and human engineering to fix and repair database corruption, it is almost the equivalent of doing a heart and lung transplant. Database repair STARTS at $399, payable in advance, and goes up based on how long it takes to repair the database. What we do is this, if it is a minor repair, we will download your database and find out what is wrong, then schedule a time where we log in again, download your database on an afternoon, repair it overnight, (sometimes it might take longer), then upload it back to you the next morning if possible. Call us at our Medisoft Support Number at 888-691-8058 or 941-743-6666.

Medisoft EDI Setup and Troubleshooting Support Fees:


We have several packages of support for helping you get setup on electronic claims, electronic payment posting (ERA auto posting), Medicare Easy Print setup, Electronic Insurance Eligibility, and Electronic Statement processing that include a bundle of hours of setup, training, and troubleshooting, please call us at 888-691-8058 or 941-743-6666 for pricing.

A word about Medisoft ANSI 5010 Electronic Claims Readiness:


Pleased be advised that to be Medisoft ANSI 5010 compliant for electronic and paper claims, you will need at least Medisoft Version 17.

We can help you with all your Medisoft Training  and Medisoft Support Needs. From Medisoft Installation Help,  Medisoft Errors, to Medisoft Data Export, Medisoft Reports, Medisoft Custom Reports, Medisoft Tech Support, Medisoft Database Conversions, Medisoft Access Violations, Medisoft Updates and Medisoft Upgrades, Medisoft ANSI 5010 Electronic Claims Readiness, Medisoft Network Professional, To EDI Support Help, We're Just A Phone Call Away At 888-691-8058

Our New Insurance Claim Forms Are Compatible With the NEW CMS 1500 2014 Claim Form

Our free quick start "How to use Medisoft" video training will help you understand how to quickly enter and print the new CMS 1500 2014 claim form info. This new claim form can begin to be used Jan 6, 2014 and is REQUIRED by April 2014. Our program is terrific for medical offices and medical billing services. Our medical practice management software is designed especially for windows. The claims program is easy to use especially in the windows environment. Our insurance billing service software is also affordable and priced well below other programs costing thousands of dollars more. Click here if you are interested in McKesson Practice Choice web based emr software.

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