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Medisoft Error Codes and Medisoft Support


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Medisoft Error Codes and what to do about them


Here is a list of common Medisoft Error codes and some potential solutions - ALWAYS backup your database and make a copy of it to another folder on your hard drive before attempting to fix anything listed here, or call support at 888-691-8058 (charges apply).


Medisoft Error 6420: Unable to Discover the Advantage Database Server
(For newer versions of Medisoft and Advantage, please skip this section): Note: MEDISOFT 12 Network Professional versions (serial number starting with 1818), and Office Hours Professional 12 users (serial number starting with 2828) must update the Advantage Database Server. When Updating the Advantage Database Server to version 8.1 or any other version, always backup your data and copy it to another location before
performing any attempts to fix medisoft errors

This medisoft error appears when the Advantage application is unable to connect to the Advantage Database Server or ADS. This error is generally brought about by one of the four issues outlined below.

I. The ADS is not started or installed on your Server.
Solution: restart your server.

II. Your Network is not setup using the TCP/IP Protocol and Static IP Addresses.
This requires correction by a Network Technician.

III. The connection between the Server hosting Medisoft is disconnected from the client/workstations.
This is almost ALWAYS a firewall issue; antivirus issue, permissions\security issue, or network issue. Something is blocking the client from accessing the server. Most of the times, it is a Firewall issue.

IV. For systems using the Windows Firewall on Windows XP or 2003 Server.
1. Click on Start, Settings, Control Panel, and select Windows Firewall.
2. Select the Exceptions tab, and click on Add Program.
3. From the Add a Program window, click on Browse.
4. Click on My Computer and double-click on Local Disk C: -- or comparable drive that contains the Program Files.
5. Double-click on Program Files to open.
6. From within Program Files, double-click on Extended Systems.
7. Double-click on the Server folder.
8. From within the Server folder, select each of the following one at a time and click Open: Ads.exe, Adsstamp.exe, Adserver.exe.


Medisoft Error 7004: Maximum Number of Work Areas Exceeded
Solution to Medisoft Error 7004-
This error is caused by incorrect configuration settings in the Advantage Database Server.
Take the following steps to correct this issue:
1. From the server, click on Start, Programs, Advantage Database Server, and ADS Configuration Utility.
2. Click on the Configuration Utility tab which will open to the Database Settings tab.
3. Change the number of Work Areas to 250 times the number of users on your user license. If you have purchased a 10 user license, then the number of Work Areas will be 2500.
4. Click on Apply and Exit.

Medisoft Error 7074: The Table ID Stored in the ADT Table Does Not Match the ID Stored in the Advantage Data Dictionary file
Solution to Medisoft Error 7074: Call 888-691-8058 for tech support (charges will apply).
The medisoft error 7074 indicates that either a table is missing from the dataset, or that there is a table in the dataset that was not originally part of the Data Set. This error occurs if you copy data files from one practice to another, without using the MediUtils.

Medisoft Error: This Option Requires Other Users to Exit the Program (while converting)
Solutions for Medisoft Error-
If you get this error message while in the conversion process, call tech support at 888-691-8058 (charges will apply)
The error message This Option Requires Other users to Exit the Program indicates that the database is locked by another user or by a lock file created by another user.

Medisoft Error: 6610 on a Networking Version of Medisoft
Solution to Medisoft Error 6610- This error typically indicates that the communication and transfer speed of data through the network exists.
1. The Advantage Knowledge Base provides several suggestions in the article 6610 Error Returned when Connecting to Advantage Database Server from One Application and not others found here:
2. If the above-mentioned article does not resolve the issue, you can call tech support at 888-691-8058 (charges apply)
3. As a last resort, uninstall all previous versions of Medisoft from the machine and delete the C:\Program Files\Medisoft directory. Then delete the registration files found in step two above from the server machine in the Medidata data directory. Once these files are removed, reinstall the current version and upon entering the practice reenter all the registration information as it was previously entered.


Medisoft Error: Invalid Integer Value
Solution to Medisoft Error "Invalid Integer Value" -
The error "Invalid Integer Value" generally indicates that there is either a claim without information, or your data has become corrupt.
To correct this issue:
1. Check claims submitted and delete any claims with missing information.
2. If the above step does not correct this issue, restore the practice from a backup made before the error began occurring.
3. If the two steps above do not correct this issue, rebuild the index files. If you continue to experience this issue, contact us for Medisoft support at 888-691-8058 (charges apply).



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medisoft ansi 5010 prevention of errors


If you need help with a Medisoft database or a problem not listed above, and you want Medisoft support call us at 888-691-8058 (charges apply).

If you have a MS excel, Text, or CSV file, we can import some of the basic data into medisoft for a medisoft database conversion service, Please call 888-691-8058 or 941-743-6666 for pricing.

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