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Medisoft Database Information

The Medisoft database used by Medisoft is a database from Advantage Database, now owned by Sybase.

Medisoft Database Overview:

Advantage Database Server is a high performance, full-featured,  client/server data management system designed specifically to meet the needs of business application developers. Advantage is unique among the Sybase database offerings in that it provides both Indexed Sequential Access Method (ISAM) table-based and SQL-based data access, providing a growth path for legacy Medisoft database applications to today's modern techniques.

Medisoft Database Benefits:

  • Flexible data access via either native relational SQL or direct navigational database commands.
  • Optimized data access for all development environments, including Delphi, Visual Studio, Visual Objects, Visual Basic and more.
  • Zero administration, easy to install and manage — does not require a database administrator, eliminating high administration costs.
  • Complete referential integrity support including primary/foreign key definition and cascaded updates and deletes.
  • Complete server-based transaction processing eliminates database corruption, drastically reducing support costs.
  • Database security and encryption support.
  • Fully scalable from local to peer-to-peer to client/server environments — with one set of source code.
Medisoft Database

Medisoft Database Common Errors:

Medisoft Error 6420:

Cannot connect to the Medisoft Database;

Common causes of the Medisoft Error 6420;

  1-The Medisoft Database or Advantage Database Server (ADS) is not started or installed on your Server.  Solution: start or  install the Medisoft Database Server.

  2- Your Network is not setup using the TCP/IP Protocol and Static IP Addresses.  Solution: make use the ONLY network protocol on all your computers is TCP/IP, do not user NETBUEI, and preferably use static IP addresses.

  3- The connection between the Server hosting Medisoft is disconnected from the client/workstations. Solution: Check your network cabling and network cards and switch's and routers.

  4- Your server or workstation may have a Firewall preventing the network communication. Solution: Disable the windows firewall, norton firewall, mcafee firewall or other firewall program.

Medisoft Database Password:

To reset your Medisoft database password, please call our Medisoft Support Department at 888-691-8058 (charges apply).

Medisoft Database Tables:

The Medisoft database tables are in the Advantage Database format.  For troubleshooting errors with the tables, or to extract information from the Medisoft database tables, please call our Medisoft Support Department at 888-691-8058 (charges apply).

Take the following steps to Start or Stop the Advantage Service: 

Note: Do not proceed if there are users with Medisoft open.  

1.  Click on Start, Programs, Advantage Database Server, and select ADS Configuration Utility or Advantage Configuration Utility.  

2.  Click on the Database Info tab. 

 3.  If the service is started the Stop Service button will be present.  Likewise, if the service is not started, you will see the Start Service button.  These buttons allow you to stop and start the Advantage Database Server.

If you need help with a Medisoft database or Medisoft error not listed above, please call our Medisoft Support Department at 888-691-8058 (charges apply).

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