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Common Questions and Answers About Medical Insurance Billing Software


Medical insurance billing software was designed with the realistic goal of streamlining and simplifying the medical insurance billing process for medical offices, and medical billing service companies like yours. Even though some physician offices still utilize a manual or paper based claims submission process, more and more physicians, and billing services are taking advantage of the functionality and benefits of filing their insurance claims electronically. There are several reason behind this trend that are fairly simple to understand. Physicians' offices, and medical billing services have long struggled to obtain timely payments from insurance companies, because in many instances, there were too many human billing errors causing their insurance claims to be denied. Medical insurance billing programs offer the benefit of reducing the paperwork and forms that need to be filled out manually,  and provides greater and better accuracy through electronic error checking when submitting claims to clearinghouses. When you are in the market for a medical insurance billing software program, you should look ask at least these three questions:

medical insurance billing software


Is the software HIPAA Ready?


While most medical insurance billing software is HIPAA ready, it is crucial that you ask and verify that the billing package you are looking at is. Patient privacy is of the extreme importance, and your insurance software should be designed to help protect that privacy at all points. Your software should be designed to reduce any breach in patient confidentiality. Your software should be an asset in this respect, not a liability.  However, keep in mind that no software alone can prevent breaches in HIPAA security, it is all tied into your overall office HIPAA privacy plan.  But in terms of software, you basically need to have user accounts and passwords in place to prevent "snooping" eyes in the office from being able to turn on your computer and being able to log into your software system and pry around without limitations.

Does the software company do regular updates to their diagnostic and procedure code database, and make regular updates to the main program?


Remember the old days when you had to go to a manual to lookup ICD, CPT and HCPC codes?  Well this can be a thing of the past if you use modern and up to date coding software built into the billing program.  This ability can greatly speed up the data lookup process and minimize delays caused by human input or errors. This nifty software tool is even more useful if the company updates the codes on a periodic basis, or if you do it yourself manually.  Be sure to ask about coding software options when you look into purchasing a billing program.

Does the software company provide you with great and prompt technical support or do you get lost in a maze of voice mail or voice prompts?


You can have the best medical insurance billing software in the business, however, if you don’t know how to use it to its fullest potential, you may need additional training.  Remember what Abe Lincoln said - "If someone were to ask me to saw down a tree, I would spend 80% of the time Sharpening the Saw, and the other 20% of the time actually sawing". Its crucial to your success to get excellent training on how to use the program so that you can work efficiently.  A good medical software packages will have trainers, to help you get set up and started using their product; while there is usually a cost for that service, think of it in terms of an investment.   The truly great software companies will also have telephone and remote control support options available to your medical office or medical billing office, in case you have any questions or need to troubleshoot technical issues that you may encounter, or provide the additional training you need to become more efficient in your job function.


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