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McKesson Electronic Medical Record software is an integrated online EMR solution that is tailor-made for independent small to medium sized practices.

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Introducing McKesson Online Electronic Health Record, a fully integrated practice and electronic medical chart (EHR\EMR) solution that features advanced yet easy-to-use lastest Microsoft technology designed for small independent primary care practices. McKesson Online Practice Choice is the industry's  newest, and innovative Web-based EHR that offers financial, operational, EDI, and clinical tools on a single database.

With several packages of services, the McKesson online EHR solution starts at just $299 a month per provider for basic services, and up to $399 a  month for a complete package including e-prescribing; electronic claims submission; electronic eligibility verification; and automatic insurance payment posting.

The use of exclusive Smart Note technology enables charting of progress notes on a single screen, with key data elements automatically populating all pertinent fields throughout a patient's chart. The result is more time for patient care.  Certified for Stage 1 Meaningful Use, the  solution enables physicians to deploy the system with minimal disruption, then care for patients from any location with an Internet connection.

With McKesson EHR, McKesson took the best features from their existing solutions and other familiar technology applications to create  from scratch a brand-new system that will appeal to a constituency that tends to be underserved, yet represents a large percentage of providers today.  We've clearly seen the need for a contemporary EHR alternative for primary care practices one that's easier to install and adopt, yet  has the rich functionality of larger systems, said Harry Selent, CEO and President of

For McKesson EHR users, navigation is simple, with one-button access to all areas of the system, including scheduling and billing applications. The new solution offers improved office activity tracking, daily reports on claims submissions and the ability to enter patient and insurance information at the point of check-in. In addition, Clinical Quality Measures can be run at any time, so a practice can closely track its progress toward meaningful use.

Subscribe to cost-effectiveness:


With McKesson Practice Choice electronic health record, you're not just getting an EHR/PM product you're benefiting from a comprehensive solution that complements your independence. As a Web-based subscription service, there are no costly servers to maintain, no IT staffers to hire and no backups to schedule.  Simplify your administrative overhead and learning curve with just a single solution integrating EHR, PM, patient portals, e-prescribing and claims.  Simply log on to our secure system to access and manage your practice's data. Updates and upgrades to the program will stream automatically to your computers, so manual reinstallations are never required.

Ease into electronic note-taking:


You compose your progress notes carefully, which is why we've carefully constructed the Smart Note technology that powers McKesson Practice Choice. It allows you to document on a single screen while pulling and pushing data from anywhere in the patient's chart. Search codes using natural terminology and view cross-sectional chart summaries.  Everything you enter automatically flows data into all pertinent fields throughout a chart. You can even create a template that suits your note-taking preferences. You'll spend less time charting and more time interacting with your patients.

When care is your priority and independence is your choice:


With 20+ years delivering PM and EHR technology to the small practice, McKesson knows what you need to run your medical office smoothly while maintaining your patient focus. We invested heavily and organically built McKesson Online EHR software to suit the specific needs of smaller offices. Leveraging the latest Microsoft® technologies, we spent time observing you in your workspace and tailored the software design and screen layout to deliver a consistent experience despite the multiple hats you wear and tasks you complete throughout the day

Your workflow-cash flow-data partner:


McKesson is familiar with the ways clinical and business operations overlap in the small-practice environment. That's why McKesson
Practice Choice integrates your office's primary functions, connecting data and streamlining practice-wide processes in one easy-to-use system.

The Workflow Efficiency Choice


* Intuitive interface makes it easy for anyone to learn and use
* Check-in procedures are simplified and require less staff time
* Electronic prescription ordering and pharmacy or patient-requested renewal systems help ensure patient safety yet streamline the process
* Well-documented patient records are accessible from any Web-enabled computer
* Save time eliminating paper lab results via an electronic connection
* Enhance patient touch with in-hand or Web-published clinical summaries

The Cash Flow Choice


* Use a ONC-ATB certified system to enable Meaningful Use dollar submission
* Check patient eligibility in real time to guarantee reimbursement
* Ensure provider-recommended procedure regimens are performed to benefit patient health and encourage visit volume
* Improve collections by taking visit and account payments at check-in
* Embedded Claim/ERA services w/auto-posting keeps cash moving

The Operational Data Choice


* McKesson online electronic medical charting speedily generates patient lists and reminders to communicate with the right audience
* Benchmark yourself with built-in Performance and Clinical Quality Measure Dashboards
* Interrogate your financial health with comprehensive reporting

The choice is simple


You and your staff need tools that simplify processes, not complicate them. McKesson Practice Choice for medisoft is as easy to learn as it is to use because it's designed to do exactly what small practices need it to do. There's no complex training  module, and its built-in features are intuitive, even to those who are new to electronic systems. You'll get up to speed quickly, then immediately be able to put the software to work on your practice's behalf.  Call us today at 888-691-8058 or 941-743-6666 to learn more about McKesson Practice Choice.

Our New Insurance Claim Forms Are Compatible With the NEW CMS 1500 2014 Claim Form

Our free quick start "How to use Medisoft" video training will help you understand how to quickly enter and print the new CMS 1500 2014 claim form info. This new claim form can begin to be used Jan 6, 2014 and is REQUIRED by April 2014. Our program is terrific for medical offices and medical billing services. Our medical practice management software is designed especially for windows. The claims program is easy to use especially in the windows environment. Our insurance billing service software is also affordable and priced well below other programs costing thousands of dollars more. Click here if you are interested in McKesson Practice Choice web based emr software.

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