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Electronic Medical Claims Submission Using Medisoft Software

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There are many ways that Medisoft electronic medical billing software can make your medical business run smoother. You can take advantage of many features of electronic medical billing software like claims submission and status, automatic electronic payment posting, eligibility verification, and much more. Most insurance companies are much easier to deal with when you use electronic medical billing software.

Electronic Claims Submission:


Automatic Submission of

Electronic medical claims is a very good thing when it comes to running and managing a small medical practice. This is because the paperwork and phone calls can be overwhelming but yet, are necessary for good patient relations. When you integrate electronic medical billing software into your physician or medical office, it can free up time to deal more personally with your patients on other matters. And of course our software is Medicare ANSI 5010 compliant.


Without electronic medical claims software, paper claims can be very time consuming, especially if you deal with a lot of different insurance companies. There can be a lot of paperwork involved and they have to be done correctly or else you face long delays in receiving payments. While paper and electronic claims both require coding to be done, it is easy to make a mistake with a paper claim. When you use the electronic insurance billing software method for your medical claims it allows the systems to do almost all the tedious work that you used to do by hand. And if there is a mistake with electronic claims you can quickly and easily fix the problem, resubmit, and expect payment much quicker than by the paper method. Depending on which clearinghouse you use, you can also use electronic billing software to check the status of claims. This means you no longer have to spend the time on the phone but you can find out at the touch of a button. Most insurance companies allow you to submit claims to them using your medical practice management software which will make it easier for you to communicate with them directly or thru a clearinghouse, the ones that don't you can quickly print to paper and mail them, or in some instances, the clearinghouse can do this for you also.

Another way your business will benefit through electronic medical billing software is through eligibility verification. Again, when you need to verify with insurance companies about whether or not a patient will be covered for a procedure you won’t have to do it over the phone. You can do all of your verification over the computer without having to fight with the insurance company phone system. An electronic software system automates the process and takes out the guesswork- you have documented proof of what the insurance company informed you.

One of the best ways your business will benefit from electronic medical billing software is electronic posting of payments. Lets face it, this is one of the most "tedious" tasks a medical biller has to face, and where errors can occur. However with electronic software, what used to take hours posting by hand, can now be done in a minute or two electronically.


Another terrific time saver is electronic statements. This is one area, I know from experience, that gets "put on the back burner" because medical office staff do not have "time" to print all the statements, fold them, stuff them, stamp them and get them mailed. So what happens? They don't get done, and that means the doctors office starts getting less and less cash coming in and deposited. The solution? Upload your statements electronically to our statement processor "Bill Flash", who will then print the statements, fold them, stuff them, envelope them, stamp them, and mail them all for about the cost of stationary and a stamp. The result? Faster cash flow, less Accounts Receivable, and a Fatter bank account!


When you integrate electronic medical billing software into your office you will find that life is much easier for your staff. They won’t have to spend as much time on the phone with the insurance companies finding out about the status of a claim or if a patient is covered for a certain procedure. You can have all of the information at your fingertips. Payments are posted quicker and you can also take advantage of electronic referrals. This is one of the best ways to go today and most insurance companies are already wired in too. To view our options for electronic medical billing software through a clearinghouse, click on the previous link.


Take the next step to learn more about electronic medical billing software.  For a free quote, please call our Medisoft Sales Department at 888-691-8058 or 941-743-6666.


Our New Insurance Claim Forms Are Compatible With the NEW CMS 1500 2014 Claim Form

Our free quick start "How to use Medisoft" video training will help you understand how to quickly enter and print the new CMS 1500 2014 claim form info. This new claim form can begin to be used Jan 6, 2014 and is REQUIRED by April 2014. Our program is terrific for medical offices and medical billing services. Our medical practice management software is designed especially for windows. The claims program is easy to use especially in the windows environment. Our insurance billing service software is also affordable and priced well below other programs costing thousands of dollars more. Click here if you are interested in McKesson Practice Choice web based emr software.

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