Medisoft Office Hours Reporting For Medical Scheduling Software

In addition to the Appointment Status Report, and Appointment Analysis Reports, Office Hours offers various other reports that can help your office in different ways. These reports can be printed from the Reports menu.

Appointment List: This report will give you a list of all appointments for a given date range and range of providers. You will see the time of the appointment, the name of the patient, the phone number, the length of the appointment, and any notes. This information will be given for each scheduled appointment that falls within the given ranges. This list can be used to make reminder calls.

The Appointment List can be printed in one of two different ways – with or without blank appointments. This is helpful to practices who want to have more clear visibility to blank appointments in the daily schedule. These two schedules show the difference that this option makes on the same appointments for the same doctor on the same date.







No Show Report: No Show reports are important to an office because they cost the office money. The time not spent seeing those patients who did not show up could have been spent seeing other patients. This report will give you the information for each appointment that was missed, as well as totals showing how many appointments were missed.

In order for this report to function properly, you must be properly utilizing your appointment status options.

Print Appointment Grid: The option to print the appointment grid will allow you to print a list of all appointments showing on the currently displayed view. This report can be printed in list format, which would be a format similar to the Appointment List.


This report can also be printed in a Grid View. This option will show the entire schedule for the day, including any blank appointment slots.

There are other reports available within Office Hours and Office Hours Professional. Please refer to the Help Files of these programs for more detailed information regarding these reports and the information available on them.


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Medisoft Office Hours and the Medical Billing Process

Office Hours and Office Hours Professional are critical pieces in the patient billing process. Office Hours Professional offers you the ability to view patient balances, and enter patient copays. These features are only available when Office Hours Professional is utilized in conjunction with Medisoft.

View Patient Balances

When a patient comes in for an appointment, it is generally a good practice to check on any outstanding balances. This would allow you the opportunity to collect on some or all of the outstanding balances.

In order to quickly check the patient balance, you can right click on the patient’s appointment and choose Quick Balance or you can click the Balance button from within the appointment.

You will then see the Quick Balance screen.

This screen will show the remainder balance. The remainder balance shows the amount due on charges that have been paid by any insurance carrier that would be responsible for the charge. These totals are lumped together into a Remainder Balance.

Patient Copays

You have the ability to enter copays for the patient from within the Office Hours program. It is good practice to collect the copay amounts at the time the patients check in to the office. This prevents the loss of revenue due to unpaid or uncollected copay amounts.

You have the ability to enter copays through either Transaction Entry or through the Deposit List. This decision was made when setting up your Program Options. If you would like to use transaction entry, place a check mark in the field labeled Use Transaction Entry to Make Copays. If you want to use the deposit list, do not place a check mark in this field.

Tips and Tricks:
In most circumstances, at the time the copay is made, the services for which the patient is paying have not yet been performed. If you enter your copay into Transaction Entry, you will be asked to apply the payment right away, unless the payment code is marked as a prepayment.

For this reason, we suggest entering your copayments through Office Hours Professional into the Deposit List.

Once you have made your selection, you will be able to enter your copays from within Office Hours Professional. This can be done by opening the appointment and clicking the Enter Copay button.

You can also right-click on the appointment, and click Enter Copay.

Your screen will then open to either Transaction Entry, or the Deposit List.

Deposit List

If you are applying your payments through the Deposit List, the following screen will appear.

You will need to fill in the fields with the applicable payment information. For detailed information on these fields, refer to the chapter discussing Payment Entry. As you can see, the Chart Number field will automatically populate with the chart number entered in Appointment Entry. If the appointment was not entered using a chart number, this feature will not be available for that appointment.

Print Receipt: The Print Receipt field will only appear if you are applying payments through Office Hours Professional. If this field is checked the program will print a simple receipt that shows the copay was made. This receipt format cannot be modified or changed, and will only include the copay that was entered at that time. This receipt will print when the Save button is pressed.

Once you have filled out all applicable fields, click Save.

At the end of the day, or on the next day, you will need to go into your Deposit List and apply the payment to the charges.

Transaction Entry

If you have selected the option to enter copays through transaction entry, the program will function differently when the Enter Copay option is selected. When this option is selected, Medisoft will open transaction entry to the Chart Number and Case Number that were entered in the appointment entry screen. If you have not entered a chart number or case number for an appointment, this feature will not be available for that appointment.

When you enter your payment, you will need to make sure you use a code that has been set aside as a prepayment. The charges normally have not been entered at this point in the billing process. This will prevent you from applying the payment. If the payment was not set as a prepayment, you would not be able to save and exit the Transaction Entry screen.

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Medisoft Office Hours Professional How To Print Supberbills From Medisoft

Superbills are also known as Routing Slips. This report will print one page per appointment scheduled. That page will include a listing of the diagnosis codes and procedure codes used by the office. The doctors take these sheets into the examination rooms with them, and indicate which diagnosis codes and procedure codes were performed during the visit. These sheets are then passed on to the billers, who use them to do the data entry into Medisoft. Because Superbills are used in conjunction with the billing process, this option is only available for those who are using Office Hours in conjunction with Medisoft. An office would generally print out the superbills for the day at the beginning of the day. Those sheets would then be inserted into the charts for the patients that will be seen that day, so they would be available for the doctor.


Print Blank Superbills

Some practices have the need to accommodate walk-in appointments. Often these practices do not want to create a patient record in Medisoft until after the appointment. Since the Print Superbills report requires a patient chart to be in the appointment, there is a Blank Superbills report so you can simply select how many superbills you want to print.

It is also possible to print blank Superbills from within Medisoft


There is also an option in Program Options in Medisoft ; Data Entry Tab; to determine if you want “Serialized Superbills”. This means that Medisoft will print a unique serial number on each superbill or encounter form and you will only be able to input or enter charges or transactions based on the superbill number. If there is not a superbill printed, you cannot enter charges or transactions (except for payment posting).

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How To Setup Breaks In Medisoft Office Hours Professional

It is important that you completely set up your schedule prior to actually scheduling appointments for patients. This process includes setting up your breaks.

Breaks can be configured using templates, or the Break List. If you schedule your breaks through the Template setup screen, you will be able to schedule appointments during your breaks if you so choose, and they will not appear as a conflicting appointment. If you set up your breaks using the Break List, you will notice that it is possible to schedule an appointment that conflicts with your break if you so choose, but you have less control over how that appointment appears on the schedule.

If you decide to set up your breaks using templates, follow the process listed under templates to set up a repeating template with a reason code set up for breaks.

If you decide to set up your breaks using the Break List, take the following steps:

  1. The Break List can be accessed by clicking the Lists menu and Break

    If you have previously set up any breaks using the Break List, you will see those breaks listed on the screen.

  2. Click New. You will see the New Break Entry window.
  3. Fill in the fields with the following information:

    Name: If this break was the lunch break for a specific doctor, you would want to specify that information in the name of the break. Make the name as descriptive as possible, in order to avoid confusion when looking at the schedule.

    Date and Time: Similar to the Template setup, the Date and Time fields contain the STARTING dates and times for what is being scheduled.

    Length: The Length field should contain the number of minutes you would like to schedule for the break. This number should be an interval that corresponds with the scheduling intervals set in the Program Options.

    Repeat: Most breaks are going to be regularly occurring breaks. For this reason, you would want to set up most of your breaks as repeating breaks. Refer to the Repeating Appointment Handout for more information on how to configure the Repeating settings.

    Color: This field will let you specify what color you want this break to display on the schedule. This field will default to the value set in Program Options.

    All Columns: Office Hours and Office Hours Professional allow you to set up multiple columns for individual providers. This allows you to double-book time slots. Most breaks would prevent the doctor from seeing ANY patients. For this reason, you would want to place a check mark in this field.

    Providers: Any break can be configured for either specific providers, or all providers. Unless your doctors will all be following the exact same schedule, it is generally recommended that you set up individual breaks for each provider.

    Resource: You can schedule breaks for resources. However, it is not necessary to do so, since the use of the resource will generally require the presence of a provider. If you want to make sure that the break time is set aside for the resource as well, you can do so.

  4. Once you have made you selections on this screen, click Save. If you selected the option to schedule the break for some providers, you will see the following screen:

  5. Click on the provider names of the providers that will be utilizing this break. It is not necessary to hold down the [CTRL] button. Once finished, click OK.
  6. Your break will now appear on your Break List. Notice that if multiple providers were selected, the same break will appear in the list multiple times. It will appear once for each provider.

  7. Repeat this process until all desired breaks are scheduled.


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