McKesson Practice Focus: Mobile Data Platform Helps Ensure Financial Health Tracking the economic vital signs of a physician practice is critical to good financial health. Fortunately for Pamela Henry, practice manager for Honolulu-based Radiology Associates, Inc., there’s a powerful tool that helps make the job a lot easier.

use medisoft practice focus to help manage your medical clinic

use medisoft practice focus to help manage your medical clinic

McKesson Practice Focus Mobile™ is a dashboard-driven informatics platform that allows users to access essential practice data and trends on the fly. Thanks to a combination of advanced, high-speed mobile technology and the power of the iPad®, practice managers like Henry can pull up real-time financial and operational metrics anytime, anywhere.

“With McKesson Practice Focus Mobile, I can look at my current AR, the volume for the month, physician activity; basically whatever I need to know,” says Henry, who’s managed the 18-physician imaging group for 10 years. “It makes it extremely convenient and saves a lot of time.” Henry says McKesson Practice Focus Mobile is especially helpful for assessing financial data after office hours or during board meetings, when partners may have a particular question regarding the group’s performance. “They may want a quick summary of our billing performance or our procedure volume, and it’s all right at my fingertips,” she says.

use graphs and charts to help manage your physician or medical clinic better

use graphs and charts to help manage your physician or medical clinic better


The data helps the group’s leadership make better decisions about staffing, modalities and equipment purchases. Partnering with McKesson Radiology Associates, Inc. provides both diagnostic and interventional radiology services and is one of the largest imaging practices on the island of Oahu. The group is affiliated with Queens Medical Center, the largest private hospital in Hawaii, and has been in business since 1972. Two years ago, Radiology Associates partnered with McKesson Business Performance Services (McKesson BPS) for revenue cycle management services. According to Henry, the practice chose McKesson on the strength of the company’s track record in radiology billing and the expertise of its billing team. Along with improved collections, reduced denials and stronger cash flow, McKesson also provided the group with improved financial and operational insight via McKesson Practice Focus, a web portal, and its companion mobile application.



Henry says both the desktop and mobile apps help improve strategic planning by providing visibility into long-term trends. The applications allow users to set benchmarks and budgets, and also gain insight by comparing practice metrics against national and regional averages. Other specific capabilities include denial reporting, payer analysis, daily activity by practice location and more.


Tracking Billing Results Just as important, Henry says, McKesson Practice Focus helps the group monitor McKesson’s billing performance. “We need to keep track of how the practice as a whole is doing, and we also must make sure that McKesson is meeting its obligations and responsibilities as our billing provider,” she says. “The ability to monitor their performance on a day-today basis helps create peace-of-mind for the partners, and it also ensures a stronger relationship and better communications with the McKesson team.” “We couldn’t be happier partnering with McKesson, and also with the tools they provide,” Henry says. “McKesson Practice Focus Mobile represents a real breakthrough for us.”


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Gain powerful visibility into your operation with McKesson Practice Focus™. McKesson Practice Focus™ is designed to help your medical organization achieve peak performance by providing immediate access to essential and timely detailed medical billing and accounts receivable data. With a new level of clarity and control of your organization’s vast, critical information, you can effectively monitor business patterns and optimize operations. You’ll have the tools to transform your data into informed decisions.


graphs and reports for medical practice management


Organizational Benefits:

• Web access to data, available anywhere via a broadband connection

• Role-based security, ensuring each user has the right access

• Easy, point-and-click navigation

• Over 75 standard reports and dashboards provide the ability to focus on precise data and share findings

For the Manager:

• High-level dashboards for quick insights

• Standard report templates

• E-mail report delivery

• Easy, point-and-click navigation

• Derive knowledge and conclusions that assist them to make informed innovative business decisions

For the Power User:

• Powerful, query-based report designer

• Accessible billing information

• Collaborate with others for additional analysis

• Drilldowns to expand and contract data sets

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Getting Paid Has Never Been Easier With Medisoft and BillFlash Patient Electronic Statements.


Watch the video below to see how Electronic Patient Statements can help your office be more efficient and save time, and STILL get the statements our each month!

Features and Advantages of Using BillFlash for Electronic Statements

Delivery Time
Approved bills are sent same day.
Cost Savings
Typically you’ll save over 60% when you convert your
mail over to paperless eBills.

Notice Emails
Customize your eBill Notice template that Payers
receive which alerts them to their new eBill and
instructs them how to access it through
History Online for Payers
Payers can easily find current and past bills
online at which saves you time
responding to requests for a “lost bill”.

Delivery Time
Approved bills are mailed next business day.

Payment Coupons and Return Envelopes
Each Mailed bill includes a Payment Coupon and Return
Envelope which increases your payment cash flow and
reduces your processing costs.

Address Updating
With the USPS’ National Change of Address (“NCOA”)
service, your Mail will be automatically printed with any
new addresses for undelayed bill delivery and you’ll
get an Address Change Report to update your billing
Additional Features
Professional Designs & Free Template Customization
Our customizable bill templates are proven to drive results. You control which forms of
payment you accept and can invite payments to be made online at
You can easily manage your own Templates (Mail Statements, eBills, Collection Letters,
Payment Receipts, etc.) and customize your messages, colors, and forms of payment you
View Sent Bills Online
Get on the same page when Payers ask questions about their bill because you can now
see their actual bill. You’ll save time & money answering billing questions.
Comprehensive Delivery Reports
You can easily see when fi les have processed, bills have been sent, and much more
Send traditional Mail, online paperless eBills, or BOTH at no extra cost.
Take Control of Your Bills
• Edit messages
• Change colors
• Delete individual bills
• Review and Approve files

Get Started Today Call  at 888-691-8058 or 941-743-6666

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