Medical insurance billing software and EHR software has been in the limelight the past few years. It started with the proposal by President Obama’s stimulus plan to foot the bill for doctor’s offices to use EMR (electronic medical records) software. This software would include insurance billing software.

The long awaited software program had been the subject of much controversy.  But one this for certain, some aspects can be a timesaver.  This is innovative software developed for healthcare professionals as well as billing services employed by the medical profession.Using electronic claims for billing allows the least amount of mistakes, saves valuable office time if you use electronic statements and the rapid verification of eligibility for certain procedures. The time of approval is cut to a minimum and the documentation of the verification is on your computer.

Accounting becomes a snap when using medical insurance billing software. The software keeps track of what has been paid and what is still owed. The patient ledger will show you which patient’s insurance company has made a payment, how it was made and if there are adjustments needed to the account.

If you need a certain patient’s file on the screen, it is there. The time it took to hunt through file cabinets and fill out new patient billing information to add to a folder that was already too thick took up precious time. Now the information can be put into the computer, entered and it is at your fingertips when you need to find something.

When it comes to multi-tasking, medical insurance billing software will allow you to do several jobs at the same time. When you have entered the information in the billing section and prompted it to start, you can go on and do other tasks while this is in the process.

Making Office Time a Little Shorter With Medisoft Version 20

Everyone knows the majority of time you spend in an office is doing paperwork. If you could eliminate a major portion of this paperwork the time can be spent with patients. This includes time you spend on the telephone with insurance companies. Tracking down payments and charges by using medical insurance billing software will allow you more free time to get to the really important things.  With Version 20 of Medisoft, you can reduce the paper handling and shuffling by letting your patients fill in their demographic information on a tablet computer, then when they finish, your front office staff can verify the info, and with a click of a button, transfer that information to Medisoft, saving your staff the time consuming task of typing the  information into the Medisoft program themselves.  Not only that, the forms that patients sign off on , like HIPAA and other forms can be included on the tablet for approval from the patient, saving them time signing, and allows you to store the information digitally in Medisoft.Download a copy of Medisoft Medical Billing by clicking on this link.

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