Did you know you can prevent a call to medisoft support by following these simple instructions? Here is how to “Customize” certain Medisoft screens when you are looking at tables of data such as the Transaction Entry Screen? Look for the black DOT in upper left corner of a table, click on it, and add or subtract fields of information you want or don’t use. I like customizing the main Transaction Entry screen to include, these additional fields: Guarantor Amount Paid; Adjustment: Claim Number; Ins 1 Paid; Ins 2 Paid; Ins 3 paid; Remainder; and sometimes whether the copay amount or copay amount paid. With todays wide screens, you can get alot of useful data on the screen so that you don’t have to go hunting for it.
Step 1, click on the Black Dot;
Step 2, Click on Add fields;
Step 3, Click and select the feilds you want to add;
Step 4, You might need to modify the column width so that
all the fields fit on your monitor and you don’t have to scroll
to the right to see all of them. REMEMBER, Medisoft uses the WIDEST of the text is typed in, OR the column width. So either
abbreviate the text or reduce the column width, but again, if your text is wider than the column width, Medisoft ALWAYS show all the text, even though the column width might be smaller than the text.

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