Daily Balancing Routine

Medical offices generally run a series of reports each day that are used to ensure that the accounts are balancing, and that no fraud or theft is occurring. This section will examine the reporting process that should be used daily in order to ensure balance within the practice accounts.

The report most often used in balancing is the Patient Day Sheet. You can also use the Procedure Day Sheet. These two reports will display a list of all charges, payments, adjustments, and comments that were performed OR entered (not both) on a particular day. The Payment Day Sheet can be used to track payments, but in general would not be used in the daily balancing routine.

Date Created vs. Date From

In order to understand the balancing routine, it is important to understand the difference between two fields within the Medisoft program:

Date Created

The Date Created field exists on each transaction entered into Medisoft. This includes all charges, payments, adjustments, and comments. This field contains the date a particular transaction was ENTERED into Medisoft. This is many times a different date than the date the service was performed or the date the payment was received, etc…

When running balancing routines, it is imperative that you utilize the Date Created field when running your reports. This will guarantee that all transactions will be included on the report.

Date From

The Date From field is also held within each transaction entered into Medisoft. For charges, this field signifies the date of service. For payments, this field signifies the date of payment. For adjustments and comments, it is the date the adjustment or comment was made.

We do not recommend using this field when running balancing routines. This is because data entry for one particular date of service is not necessarily completed on that date.

Reporting Routine

To run your balancing routine, take the following steps at the end of each day:

  1. Click the Reports menu, Day Sheets, and Patient Day Sheet.

Tips and Tricks:
Medisoft Reports has variations of many of the most frequently used reports. For the Day Sheet reports there is another version called Patient Day Sheet (with Practice Totals). Practice Totals can be helpful to compare yesterday’s day sheet to today’s day sheet to ensure accuracy and that charges and payments weren’t deleted fraudulently.

For the purpose of this example, we will use the Patient Day Sheet (with Practice Totals)

To open Medisoft Reports, click on the Reports Menu and Select Medisoft Reports.

The Medisoft Reports screen will appear.

Day Sheets are found in the Medisoft Reports folder. There is the Patient Day Sheet both with and without the Practice Totals. Select the report with Practice Totals. Note: Depending on the size of the practice this report could take a long time.

  1. You will be asked where you would like to output the report. For balancing purposes, you should actually print a copy of the report, or export it to a file. This will allow you to go back and view the report as it appeared on any particular date.

  2. As previously stated, when running reports for balancing purposes, it is critical that you utilize the Date Created range. Additionally, it is important to note that you cannot utilize both date ranges when running this report. The report will not function properly if this is done.

  3. Enter your date range and click OK.
Tips and Tricks:

To maximize efficiency, you can easily fill out this entire screen without the use of the mouse. When the screen appears the Tab and Shift+Tab will help you move up and down the screen. When highlighting a Show all values section pressing the spacebar will remove the check and move your mouse to the date fields.

From the date fields you can use the directional arrows to populate the fields. Clicking the right arrow will populate today’s date, the up arrow will populate the date as one month forward from today’s date, and the down arrow will populate the date as one month back from today’s date.

  1. The report will then display.

  2. Skip to the last page of the report. You are going to see the following screen with different totals. The top section of the screen will include information specific to the range of dates (and any other ranges you have entered). The report ends showing the net effect of all of the day’s charges, payments and adjustments on your accounts receivable.

  3. The process for balancing or reconciling your accounts involves 2 major fields: Net Effect on Accounts Receivable, and Accounts Receivable. In order to reconcile or balance your accounts, you look at the previous day’s Accounts Receivable total. In this example, that number is $1274.00. You then add the current day’s Net Effect on Accounts Receivable to that number. In this case, that calculation is
    $1274.00 + $310.00. The result of this calculation should equal the current Accounts Receivable. In this example, that is $1644.00.


    May 2, 2006

    May 3, 2006

If these numbers do not match up, it indicates that transaction amounts have been edited or that transactions have been deleted. You should be able to track who made these changes or deletions using the audit report.

Additionally, there are 2 other reports you can use to verify the amounts on the Patient Aging report. These reports are the Practice Analysis report and the Patient Aging report.


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