Editing Existing Ticklers

The purpose of the collection list is to allow you to quickly move through the collections process. Each tickler has a Responsible Party attached to it. This field will display either the Guarantor or the Insurance Carrier responsible for the outstanding balance represented by that tickler. If you click the + sign next to that party, you will see all applicable information necessary for making a collection call.

You can also double-click the tickler to open it. You will see the following screen:

Here you can edit many of the values associated with this tickler. Most importantly, you can specify the date this issue was resolved. Usually the entry of this date corresponds with the receipt of payment on the outstanding debt. This payment could be for the entire amount, or for any other amount agreed upon by both parties. If the issue is resolved, you should also change the status of the issue to either Resolved or Deleted.

You would repeat this process for each subsequent tickler

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