After billing your patients and assigning them to payment plans, you need to be able to collect on balances that go unpaid. Offices have a few options for doing this. They could hire a collection agency. In general, this is a fairly easy way for the doctor to take care of the outstanding debt. The downside to collection agencies is that they generally receive a high percentage of the collected debt as a fee for collection.

Another option for performing collections is to utilize the Medisoft collections module to collect your debts from within the office. The collections module is called the Collection List. The Collection List can contain collection information for outstanding patient and insurance balances. The Collection List is designed to allow you to quickly move down the list making phone calls to the parties responsible for the outstanding debt.

To access the Collection List, click the Activities menu and Collection List.

Collection List Navigation

By default the Collection List will only display collection tasks that are scheduled to be performed on the current date.

You do have the ability to specify the range of dates you wish to see listed by specifying a beginning and ending date in the upper left corner of the screen.

If you want to see all items regardless of date, place a check mark in the field labeled Show All Ticklers. You will notice that the date fields are now unavailable to you.

By default, any ticklers for charges that are eventually paid in their entirety will be marked as deleted. If you only want to see the deleted ticklers, place a check mark in the field labeled Show Deleted Only.

If you would like to exclude deleted ticklers from your list, place a check mark in the field labeled Exclude Deleted.

If you would like to see all ticklers regardless of status, only the top box (Show all Ticklers) should be checked.

Tips and Tricks:

If you are using the Collection List to perform the collections process, you would not want to see deleted items. If an item is automatically being assigned the deleted status, that item does not have a remainder amount, and you would not want to contact that patient or guarantor as part of a collections process.


There are a few ways you can create a new tickler. Older versions of Medisoft utilized the aging reports to create tickler entries. These versions also allowed the creation of multiple ticklers for the same balance. Medisoft v11 and v12 are different. You must create new ticklers from within the Collection List.


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