A facebook fan asked how she could add a modifier to her procedure code, and I asked if she had a modifier column in Medisoft Transaction Entry and she said “No” , so I started this video training with only that narrow focus.  But when I got into it, I realized how much more useful your Transaction Entry Screen; Statement Management Screen; Claims Management Screens can be if you added a few customizing “Tricks”, so I created a really neat “customizing Medisoft” video training for everyone to watch.
Part 1 – is where I just add the Modifier column;
Part 2 – is where I customize the Transaction Entry Screen with time saving information that will save you hours of time – This trick shows you how to add the TOTALS of the patient payments; Ins 1 , 2 and 3 payments; Adjustments; and Remainder.  By implementing this customization, you no longer have to manually “add up” the payments from the bottom part of the payments screen to get totals and remainders;
Part 3 – is where i customize the Statement Management Screen to show you how old the statement is in days; when it was first printed; second time it was printed and last time printed; and how many times statement was printed.  Using this info, you can quickly “sort” by # of statements of Days Old to quickly identify patients for followup; collections, or write-offs;
Part 4 – is where I show you how to customize any of the “lists” in Medisoft (I give the example of the Patient\Chart and Case lists, but same method can be applied to Insurance list; procedure c ode or Diagnosis lists; provider list; referring provider list; address list or others) to look for missing data or “Wrong” data.  Lets say an insurance company changed names and or addresses and you wanted to change all existing cases to add the new data – using this method you could quickly find the patients with that insurance company and change the info.

Please click on the following link to watch the video:

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