Cycle Billing

Cycle billing is a feature that can increase the cash flow to the office. Using cycle billing allows an office to send statements out more than once a month without sending multiple statements for the same transactions. This feature is most useful in offices that do not require frequent, regular visits for their patients. To use cycle billing, take the following steps: (Note: Steps 1-3 are only required for initial setup of cycle billing. Once these steps are completed, you can begin the process of billing starting with step 4.)

  1. Open the Program Options screen to the Billing tab.

  1. You will see a section of the screen labeled Statements. In this section, there are two fields that must be configured in order to use Cycle Billing. Place a check mark in the field labeled Use Cycle Billing. You will also need to specify the length of your cycle. This is done in the field labeled Cycle Billing Days. This field should usually have 30 entered in it. With this number we are specifying the number of days that must elapse before a statement is printed again.

  1. After setting these values, click the Save button.

  2. Open Statement Management by clicking the Activities menu and Statement Management.
  3. There are certain fields that are useful when doing cycle billing. These fields do not default into your grid display within Statement Management. You will need to add these fields to the grid. Click the small black dot to modify the grid.

  1. The Grid Columns window will open. Click Add Fields.

  2. While holding the [CTRL] button down, click on the fields labeled Last Billing Date and Next Statement Date. This will select both of the fields. Click OK.

  3. You will see those two fields added to the Grid Columns window. Click OK.
  4. You will now see columns in Statement Management labeled Last Billing Date and Next Statement Date.
  5. If you follow the steps outlined above for billing your statements, you will see these fields populated. As long as you are using cycle billing, the transactions attached to statements will not appear on another statement until the date listed in the Next Statement Date field.

As previously stated, Cycle Billing is not a tool that all offices would find useful. If patients have multiple visits during a particular month, it is possible that they could get multiple statements during that month. If patients are only seen few times each year, cycle billing will allow them to send statements as often as they would like, without sending multiple statements to the same patients/guarantors.

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