Editing a Patient Statement

Once your statements are created, you can view and edit those statements from within Statement Management. To edit a statement, simply double-click the statement you wish to print. The following screen will appear.

The upper portion of the screen will be available regardless of which tab you have selected. This section of the screen will tell you the statement number, who the guarantor is, the remainder balance, and the date the statement was created.


On the general tab, you will see general information regarding this statement.

Status:  The Status field tells you where in the billing process this statement is.  When a statement is first created, it has a status of Ready to Send.  When a statement is first billed the status is changed to Sent.  Once the balance of all transactions on the statement reaches 0, the status is changed to Done.  The other status fields are used for your own purposes.  If you wish to use these other codes, you must manually set the statements to these status codes.

Billing Method:  The Billing Method field lets you specify whether you want to print out a paper statement or whether you want to send the statement electronically.

Type:  The Type field specifies whether the statement is a standard or remainder statement.  As you can see, this field is not one you can modify.  If you need to change this for any reason, you MUST delete the statement and recreate it.

Tips and Tricks:If you create standard statements and wish to change them to remainder statements, you will not be able to create statements for all of the patients originally listed in statement management.  This is because standard statements look for any charge with a balance, while remainder statements only look for charges making up the patient’s remainder balance.


Initial Billing Date:  This field specifies the first date the transactions attached to this statement were actually billed on a statement.

Batch:  The batch number is updated the first time a statement is printed or sent.  All statements billed at the same time will be assigned the same batch number.

Submission Count:  The Submission Count field tracks how many times the transactions attached to this statement have been billed to the guarantor

Billing Date:  The Billing Date field will tell you the last time these transactions were billed to the guarantor.

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