Statement Management

There are two methods for actually printing your patient statements. The first method we will discuss is Statement Management. Statement Management handles statements in a similar manner to the way Claim Management handles claims.

Statement Management
allows you to integrate your statements into your collections module (Collection List). Additionally you will be able to utilize the cycle billing feature.

This section will examine the different processes you will use within Statement Management to effectively bill your patients.

To open Statement Management click the Activities menu and Statement Management.

Statement management is ONLY available in Medisoft Advanced and Medisoft Network Professional.

Creating Statements

In order for a transaction to print on a patient statement, that transaction must be created on a statement. In order to create statements, take the following steps from within Statement Management:

  1. Click the Create Statements button.

  2. The following window will appear. Here you will be have the ability to filter which transactions are created on statements. Leaving these filters blank will look for any ELIGIBLE transactions that have not been placed on a previous statement, and place them on a new statement.

  3. In the Statement Type section you have the option to create either Standard or Remainder
    Statements. If you select Standard, you will create statements for all eligible transactions regardless of the party that is currently responsible for the remaining balance. If you select Remainder, you will create statements for all eligible transactions with balances that are currently part of the Patient Remainder Balance.
Tips and Tricks:

When creating statements, each transaction can only be placed on one statement. If you create a standard statement, you will not be able to create a remainder statement for the same transaction unless you delete the original standard statement.

We suggest that you select one type of statement and ALWAYS create statements using that type.


  1. Once you have made your selections, click Create.

  2. If the following screen appears, no eligible transactions were found within the parameters set.

  3. If eligible transactions were found, you will see new statements created on the main statement management screens. These statements will have a Status of Ready to Send and a Batch number
    of 0.
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