There are two types of patient statements.

  1. Standard Statement: This type of statement will show all charges that have a balance on them. The balance shown on this statement is the Patient Reference Balance. If you print or send standard statements, your patients will get statements showing a balance that may not reflect the amount the patient will need to pay. For this reason, we recommend that you do not use standard statements for patient billing purposes.
  2. Remainder Statement: Patient remainder statements will show the charges that make up the patient remainder balance. This means that charges that have not yet been paid by responsible insurance carriers will not appear on these statements. We recommend that you use remainder statements for patient billing purposes.
  3. Missed Co-pay Remainder Statement: The only difference between this and the Remainder Statements is that this statement will include missed copays in the total amount due. In order for this statement to work properly you must turn this function on in Program Options by checking the Add Copays to Remainder Statements field in the Billing tab. This statement function is only available using Statement Management.
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