1. The Show Unpaid Only field does not have any effect on patient payments.
  2. The Payment Procedure Code fields will automatically populate with the codes that were entered during the creation of the deposit. These are the codes that will be listed on the line item entries within the patient ledger after the applicable charges and adjustments are applied. You do not need to change these fields.
  3. At the top of the screen you will see a field labeled For. This field is used to designate the patient for whom the payment(s) and adjustment(s) are being entered. This field will default to the same chart number that was entered when creating the deposit. You do have the ability to change the chart number. If you select a patient that does not have the person making the payment listed as the guarantor, you will see the following message. Clicking Yes will allow you to apply the payment anyways. Clicking No will force you to select a different patient before proceeding.

  4. Once you have selected the chart number of the patient to whom the payment will be applied, you are ready to actually apply the payment. The first step in applying the payments (and adjustments) is to identify which charges are being paid or adjusted. You can identify the specific charges by using the Date, Procedure, Charge, and Remainder fields. The remainder field tells you the balance on each charge.

  5. Once you have identified the charges you wish to pay or adjust, enter the amount of the payment that will be applied to each charge in the column labeled Payment, and the amount (if any) that you wish to adjust off each charge in the Adjustment column.

Tips and Tricks:

If you apply a payment amount greater than the remainder amount, you are indicating that an overpayment was made on that charge. The patient is usually due a refund in this instance. The refund should be entered as a positive adjustment.

  1. After entering your payment and adjustment amounts, click Save Transactions. At this point, we are making line item entries into both the mwtrn.adt and the mwpax.adt tables.

  2. If the payment was made for multiple patient accounts, you can now change the chart number in the For field to the next patient to whom you wish to apply the payment.
Tips and Tricks:

Normally you would want to apply the entire payment before leaving the payment application screen. If you do this, the unapplied amount field will show 0.00.

If you do not apply a payment completely, the balance and AR totals will only be affected by the amount you apply.

  1. After applying and saving the payments and adjustments, click Close.

Following this process will allow you to enter and apply patient payments from the deposit list. It is important to note that copays entered through Office Hours into the deposit list will be listed as unapplied payments until you go through and manually apply them to the charges.

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