1. Enter the Payment Amount.
  2. In the field labeled Chart Number, enter the chart number of the patient or guarantor who made the payment. This is NOT always the patient’s chart number. If the payment was made by anyone other than the patient, you should specify that person’s chart number in this field.
  3. The Payment Code, Adjustment Code, and Copayment Code fields determine which procedure codes will be listed in the patient ledgers for payments and adjustments applied through this deposit. These codes will default with values entered into the Program Options window. These fields are located on the Payment Application tab. The default payment code will be determined by your selection made in step 5.

  4. Once you have entered all applicable fields, click Save.

  5. At this point, we have only affected the mwdep.adt file. There are not yet any entries in the patient’s ledger, nor have we changed the patient balance in any way.
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