Figure 1 – Medisoft Payment Entry

The entire purpose of billing insurance claims is in anticipation of the payment that will come as a result of the claim. It is important that you go through the process of applying the payments to the charges being paid. This will allow your aging, remainder billing, and collections to function properly.

These payments often require the entry of various types of adjustments. This depends on the insurance carrier making the payment. The adjustments will also require application to specific charges.

The document that will guide you through the payment/adjustment entry and application process is the EOB or Explanation of Benefits. This document is returned by the insurance carrier along with the payment for the services. Often this document is returned electronically to the doctor. In many instances, insurance carriers are moving towards a policy of ONLY returning electronic EOB’s.

Refer to the EOB handout to see what an EOB looks like.


When applying payments, there are three main data files you will be modifying.

  1. MWTRN.ADT: The mwtrn.adt table is the table that contains all of the transactions entered into the system. This includes charges, payments, adjustments, and comments. Most accounting reports are based on the mwtrn.adt table.
  2. MWPAX.ADT: This table is often referred to as the “PAX” table. It is used to link payments to the charges to which they are applied. This table plays a critical role in calculating patient balances, and which party is currently responsible for any given charge.
  3. MWDEP.ADT: The mwdep.adt table is the table that holds all deposits.

In the chapters to follow, we will discuss the manner in which the different payment interfaces update these three tables. It is critical that you understand these processes in order to more fully understand the reason different problems might arise in the use of and reporting on your data.


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