Transaction Entry Buttons

Transaction Entry has various buttons at the bottom of the screen.

These buttons perform the following functions:

Update All: The Update All button is used to update the displayed transactions to include changes made to either the Case setup or the Procedure Code setup. These changes would affect which payors are responsible for the particular charges, or the type of transaction.

Quick Receipt: If you click the Quick Receipt button, Medisoft will print out the walkout receipt format that is selected on the Billing tab of the Program Options screen under the Receipt field. This receipt is usually given to the patient on their way out of the office. The receipt details what procedures and payments were entered during that visit.

Print Receipt: Clicking the Print Receipt button will allow you to select a walkout receipt format for printing. These receipts will have the same properties as the receipt printed under the Quick Receipt button.

Tips and Tricks:

Walkout receipts will never contain insurance payments. These receipts are only designed to show which transactions were entered on the day of the visit. Insurance payments are not received in advance.

Print Claim: The Print Claim button will look at the transactions listed on the screen, and print claims for the transactions that have insurance carriers listed as eligible, responsible payors, AND have not previously been placed on a claim. This process will create a claim or claims in claim management for these transactions.

View eStatements: Select this button to open the BillFlash eView page for the guarantor associated with the case. See the BillFlash section of the eStatements chapter of the EDI documentation for more details.

Close: Clicking Close will close the Transaction Entry screen. You will need to apply any payments before clicking this button. If you have not saved your transactions before clicking this button, you will be prompted to do so.

Save Transactions: This button is used to save any new or edited transactions.

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