Transaction Notes

You have the ability to enter notes specific to a certain transaction. When viewing the Transaction Entry screen with the default grid settings, the first field along the left side of the screen is the note indicator.

This field appears blank if there is no note attached to the transaction. If there is a note attached to the transaction, you will see a sheet of paper occupying this field and indicating that a note is attached.

If you would like to view or enter a note for a specific transaction, highlight that transaction and click the Note button.

You will see the following screen:

In the Type field you will need to select the type of note you wish to add. The type of note you select will depend on what you want to do with the note. If you want the note to appear on a patient statement, you would need to select the type labeled Statement Note.

Once you have entered the Type, enter the note into the field labeled Documentation/Notes. When finished, click OK.

If you are simply viewing a previously entered note, the screen will appear with the Type and Documentation/Notes displaying the previously entered values.

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