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MultiLink codes are used to enter multiple charge transactions at the same time. Many provider offices will find that they are entering the same groups of procedure codes for the same types of visit. An example of this would be a well-patient exam. MultiLinks allow you quickly enter all of those transactions.

MultiLink codes must be set up prior to clicking the MultiLink button in Transaction Entry. This is done by clicking the Lists menu and MultiLink Codes. You will see a list screen similar to the other list screens. Click the New button. The following screen will appear:

Code: The MultiLink Code field functions like the code fields in the other Medisoft list windows. The code is the value you will enter within transaction entry in order to enter charges for all the linked procedure codes.

Description: When entering the Description, it is important to make an entry that adequately describes the group of procedure codes. This will allow you to more easily determine when it would be appropriate to use this code.

Link Codes: The Link Codes are used to specify which codes will be entered into Transaction Entry when this MultiLink code is used. The transactions will be entered in the order they are entered into these fields. You can type the procedure code, or select it from the drop-down menu. If you need search capabilities, click the magnifying glass.

Tips and Tricks:

You can only enter charge type codes into MultiLinks. You cannot use MultiLinks to enter payments or adjustments.

Once you have finished setting up the MultiLink code, click Save.

After setting up your MultiLinks, they can be entered into Transaction Entry by clicking the MultiLink button.

Once you click the MultiLink button, you will see the following screen.

In the field labeled MultiLink Code, enter the code for the group of transactions you wish to enter. The Transaction Date field will automatically default to the program date specified in the lower right corner of the Medisoft screen. Once you are have selected the correct information, click Create Transactions. The desired charges will be listed in Transaction Entry. Click Save Transactions.

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