The Multimedia tab allows you to attach multi-media files of various types to a case. One of the most common uses for this tab is attaching images, such as pictures or scanned insurance cards, to a patient account. You can also attach sound files, such as recorded voice notes.

To attach a new file, click the New button. You will be brought to the following screen:

Here you will be asked to attach a description to the file you are uploading. You also have the option to give the file a note, and designate it for viewing on the Patient screen.

Click the button labeled Load From File. A Browse window will open, allowing you to browse to the Multimedia file you wish to attach. Once all options and files are selected, click Save.

Tips and Tricks:
The Multimedia tab of the case is a great tool for some users. However, if you are using older equipment, you may run into performance issues if you extensively utilize this feature. It will significantly increase the size of your dataset.


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