The condition tab contains various fields related to the patient’s condition. Most of these fields are necessary for insurance billing in certain situations. We will not discuss each of these fields. For information on when to use these fields, refer to the Clickable CMS (HCFA) form within the Help File, or your Electronic Claims documentation for information on how to populate these fields.

In this section we will focus on different functionality available within the fields listed on this screen.

As you can see, there are date fields that offer the drop down calendar, such as the First Consultation Date. There are also date fields, such as the Injury/Illness/LMP Date, that do not offer the drop down calendar. The fields without the drop down calendar are used to enter non-date values into these fields.

There are two valid non-date values for these fields:

G: This value is used to designate the field as Gradual. If you type a G and tab off of the field, you will notice that it fills in with the word Gradual.

N: This value is used to designate N/A or Not Applicable.

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