Default Diagnosis 1-4: Medisoft offers you the ability to assign default diagnosis codes to patient cases. Transactions entered into this case will automatically be assigned any diagnosis codes entered into the Default Diagnosis code fields. These fields do not contain the diagnosis codes that will appear or transmit on an insurance claim, rather they only set the default codes for transaction entry when this case is used. It is important to note that many doctors, such as family practitioners, will not have a use for default diagnosis codes, as their patients are always coming in for different ailments. This functionality is better used by specialty offices who will only be seeing that patient for one particular ailment.

Allergies and Notes: The allergies and notes field is used to give you pop up messages when certain functions are performed within Medisoft. These messages will appear when this case is accessed in either Transaction Entry or Office Hours. The messages can be used to warn of allergies a patient may have, or that a patient previously bounced a check.

EDI Report Type and Transmission Codes: Refer to your electronic claims documentation for specifics regarding these triggers.

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