Case Number: You will not be able to edit the case number field. This field will automatically increment by 1 for each case that is created within your practice. The incrementing is done on a practice level and NOT on a patient level. This means that any case number will only exist once within the practice. This number will be the number used to refer to the case from within Transaction Entry, Deposit Entry, and Office Hours.

Description: The description field is a required field for each Case. You will not be able to save a case without entering in a description. The description should accurately describe the transaction set that will be contained within the case. For example, if you are creating cases on a yearly basis, you would want to assign the year as the case description.

Global Coverage Until: If a Global Surgical Procedure was entered into Transaction Entry for this case, Medisoft will calculate out the number of Global Period days indicated in that procedure’s record and input that expiration date in this field. All transactions entered within this period will default to a zero dollar amount. If the procedure code entered is outside of the global coverage period, the standard charge amount will appear.

Cash Case: If you place a check mark in the field labeled Cash Case, it will be impossible for you to bill any insurance claims for transactions entered into this case. It will prevent all transactions from ever appearing on an insurance aging report. Transactions will immediately appear on a remainder statement without waiting for payment from the insurance carrier. This field should be used ONLY if the patient has no insurance or if the transactions entered into the case will definitely not be covered by an insurance carrier.

Print Patient Statement: If this field is not checked, the charges entered into this case will NEVER appear on a Patient Statement. If you never wish to bill a patient for certain charges, you would want to set up a case this way.

Guarantor: The simplest definition of the Guarantor field is that it defines the person who will receive the patient statement. The drop down menu will give you access to all patients and guarantors that have been entered into the Patient List. This will also be the person listed as the Guarantor for the patient when their Ledger is pulled up within the Quick Ledger.

Marital Status: It is important that you fill out this field to the best of your ability. It is possible that some Electronic Claims will not process properly if this field is not properly filled out.

Student Status: Because most private insurance companies base their coverage for dependants on student status, you will need to enter an appropriate student status for those patients who could be affected by their student status designation. Usually these patients are from 18 to 24 years old.

Employer Information: The employer information is going to automatically populate based on what was entered into the Patient entry screen. Any time a patient changes employers, you should create a new case, and modify the information entered into the Patient entry screen.

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