Default Printer Setup

Users can specify default printers for Superbills, Claims, Statements and Reports.  When any of these items are printed, Medisoft will automatically select the printer that was defaulted. The user will be able to change from the default.  Defaults will be stored on a per-workstation, per-login basis.  If the users do not have a default for a report it will print to the printer that they have set at default in their Windows settings. This feature is only available in Advanced and Network Professional.

To set up default printer options, click on the “Reports” menu then ‘Default Printer Options’.












Choose the ‘Report Style’ from the list to limit the type of reports viewed. If you want to have all of the reports listed print to the same printer, then choose the entire list by clicking the first report and hold your shift key and click the last item in the list. If you only want selected reports to default hold your Control Key and choose the reports you want to print to the specified printer.  Click ‘Select Printer’ and the Windows printer selection window will appear. Choose the printer and default settings for the reports and click “OK”. The printer name will be displayed next to the report title. When you are finished selecting default printers, click ‘OK’ to close the window.


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