Program Options

After creating a practice, you will need to set up the program options for that practice.  The program options will govern how the Medisoft program will react in certain situations.  It is usually good to set the program options once, and then only modify them if specific situations require that change.

In this chapter, we will not cover all of the program options, rather the more basic ones.  We will cover the more complex options in the chapters covering the affected portions of Medisoft.

The program options are accessed by clicking the File menu and Program Options.



Tips and Tricks:The program options settings are specific to the practice that is open when you adjust the settings.  This means that multiple users accessing the same data will be functioning under the same program options.  It is not possible to make these settings user specific, unless each user is accessing a different practice’s data.












Remind to Backup on Program Exit:  This field will enable or disable the Backup Reminder window that appears when closing the Medisoft program.









Tips and Tricks:It is generally recommended that you leave the Backup Reminder window enabled.  Backups are extremely important for any office.One possible instance when you might want to disable this reminder is if the office is using the Medisoft Backup Scheduler or another automated backup program such as a tape drive backup.


Backup Program:  By default this field is set to mbackup.exe.  This is the executable file that runs the Medisoft Backup Program.  We do not recommend that you change this field.

Command Line:  If you decide to use a third-party backup program, the Command Line field is used to pass parameters to this program.  Refer to the manual for the program you choose for a list of valid parameters.

Show Windows on Startup:  Once you have completed your preliminary data entry, you will spend most of your time in Medisoft within 1 or 2 windows.  These windows are Transaction Entry and Patient List.  Selecting either of these options will cause the windows selected to open automatically when Medisoft is launched.

Show Hints:  This option enables pop up help hints when your cursor is held above an icon for a few seconds.







Show Shortcuts:  If you select the option to Show Shortcuts, the available shortcut keys for the active window will display along the bottom bar of the Medisoft program.


Use Server Time:  This option helps you maintain the integrity of your data by ensuring that all computers are working off a central date (the system date and time on the server).

Calculate Patient Remainder Balances:  You can see the Patient Remainder Balances in various places throughout the program.  This field must be recalculated every now and then in order to ensure accuracy.  This option allows you to specify exactly when this amount will be recalculated.

Data Entry







Use Enter to move between fields:  This option changes the function of the Enter key to mirror the Tab key and move the cursor to the next field.

Use zip code to enter city and state:  If this option is enabled, the city and state fields of any address within the program will populate automatically if a zip code is entered which has previously been entered in conjunction with a particular city and state.

Tips and Tricks:If the Zip Code feature is enabled, the tab order of most screens containing an address will be changed.  The tab will move from the street fields to the zip code field.  Once the zip code is entered, if the city and state fill in, the tab will never move to those fields.  If the city and state do not populate, the next time you press tab, the cursor will move to the city field.








Auto Log Off:  This field is designed to help the practice maintain HIPAA compliance.  If you have set up your security profiles, a locked screen will prevent viewing and modifications to the program after the allotted number of minutes go by without activity in Medisoft.

Tips and Tricks:The timer for this feature is timing the use of the actual Medisoft Program.  If you are using other programs on the computer, but Medisoft sits idle for the specified amount of time, the program will lock down.


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