Patient Quick Entry

Patient Quick Entry is a feature designed to redefine the way Medisoft is used. Each office has its own needs. Data entry needs vary from state to state and from insurance carrier to insurance carrier. Traditionally, when entering patient information, it has been up to the users to know which fields to use, and which fields to ignore. Additionally, users have been required to navigate between multiple fields on the patient and case entry screens, which contain vital claim information. Patient Quick Entry has consolidated patient entry into one easy screen that will allow users to define which fields they want to view, which fields they want required, the order in which the fields are displayed, and define the hints that will be displayed when the mouse hovers over each field.

Patient Quick Entry is driven by Templates that must be created before the feature can be used. In order to create templates go to the Lists menu, click Patient Entry Template.


By default there are not Patient Entry Templates in Medisoft.

To create a template, click New.




Tips and Tricks:
Templates should be created for the various business needs of the practice. Creating templates that are unique to key insurance carriers, specialties, providers or patient types could both save time and help a practice ensure that required information is gathered.
Example: A ‘Cash Patient’ template may show less fields if less information is required, while a ‘Medicare’ template may have more fields to populate and the practice can indicate which ones are mandatory for Medicare patients only.


Code: Create a unique name for the template that will help identify what type of patients the Template would be used for.

Description: Enter a brief description that would help a user know when to use this template.

Add Fields: Click here to open the Add Fields List that will allow you to select fields to be added to the template.

Remove Fields: Select the field(s) that you want to remove from this list and click Remove Fields to delete them from the template.

Add Fields List

In order to access the Add Fields List, click Add Fields. The Add Fields List screen has all of the fields that can be modified by going into the Chart or Case directly. All, or any, of these fields can be added to the template.

Tips and Tricks:
Because the Chart and Case can contain fields with the same name, it is important to make sure that the correct fields are selected and that the template is tested before sharing the template with others.



Click the Selected box of each field that need to be added to the template. Once all desired fields have been selected, click OK.

All fields that were selected are now visible from the Patient Entry Template screen.


Grid Headers

Table: Indicates the table that the field is populated

Field: Data field name as defined by Medisoft

Caption: User customizable name for the data field for easier identification (i.e. DOB instead of Date of Birth).

Required: Indicates a field that must be populated in order to save a patient record. Records in gray cannot be modified.

Display: A check indicates that the field will be visible to users as they enter new patient records. Records in gray cannot be modified.

Default: A default value can be populated at this time for all users of this type. This field can only be changed at the time of patient entry if there is a check in the display column.

Tips and Tricks:
Practices can use the Default and Display functions to effectively save time in patient entry and improve entry accuracy at the same time.
Example: An OB/GYN practice only sees female patients, so they could set the field to Female in the Default column and uncheck the Display box. This is one less field that needs to be entered or viewed and there is no way for it to be accidentally changed during patient entry.


Hint: The caption that will appear when the user hovers their cursor over the field name.


Field Order

When adding fields to the Patient Entry Template, the fields are arranged in the order they appeared in the Add Fields List. There are two main ways to change the order of the fields:

Sort by Grid Header: By clicking on the Grid Header and the fields will sort by alphabetical order. Click the Grid Header again and the fields will sort by reverse alphabetical order.

Move Fields Up or Down: After clicking to highlight a field the up and down arrows at the bottom of the screen can be used to move the field up or down in the list.

Tips and Tricks:
The Patient Quick Entry feature is designed to allow practices to maximize efficiency by allowing the user to build a template that lists the fields and field order of that practice’s unique patient intake form. The closer the template is to the patient intake form, the faster and easier patients can be entered into Medisoft.


Once all desired fields have been added and arranged, click Save.

Using Patient Quick Entry

To use Patient Quick Entry from the Patient List go to Lists menu and click on Patients/Guarantors and Cases. From the Patient List screen click on the Quick Entry button. Patient Quick Entry can also be accessed from the Activities menu, click Patient Quick Entry.

Patient Quick entry can replace the standard method of patient entry and editing by assigning it to the F8 and/or F9 hotkeys in the Data Entry tab of Program Options. Users can also designate the most used template to be the default template when entering Patient Quick Entry.

The Patient Quick Entry screen can be used to create new patients and cases, new cases for existing patients, or for editing information for existing patients and cases.


Entry Template: The user will be able to select from all templates that have been created within this practice. Selecting the Entry Template will display the fields with a check in the Display column within the template in the order that they were positioned within the template.

Chart Number: Leaving this field blank will cause a new patient chart to be created.

Populating this field with a chart number will cause all populated patient information held in the below fields to be displayed and allow the user to edit the patient’s information within those fields.

Case Number: Leaving this field blank will cause a new case to be created. Clicking the Copy Case button to the right will also create a new case, but uses can copy information from a selected case into the new case. This information can then be edited in the fields below.

Populating this field with a case number will cause all populated case information held in the below fields to be displayed and allow the user to edit the patient’s information within those fields.

Patient Section: When opening an existing patient’s record, important contact information will be displayed here for easy access and verification.

Fields: All fields may be populated and the Tab key is helpful in allowing the user to quickly populate the Chart and Case without using the mouse.

Colored fields indicate that the field is required. By default this color is yellow, but the color can be changed at the bottom of the Color-Coding tab within Program Options.

Chart and Case Quick Guide

Use this quick guide to help determine whether or not to populate the chart number or case number.

  1. If you wish to enter a new patient, do not enter a chart number or case number. Proceeding through Patient Quick Entry will create a new patient and new case when the patient is saved.


  1. If you want to create a new case for an existing patient, enter an existing chart number, but leave the case number blank.


  1. If you want to edit a patient and a case, enter an existing patient and case combination to edit the existing patient and case information.

Patient Quick Entry Permissions

User permissions can only be set if the practice has enabled user logins and security. If the practice is using security permissions by user, it is a good idea to manage permissions by the needs of the practice to avoid users randomly adding or removing fields to the templates. Patient Quick Entry Permissions can be set by going to the File menu, clicking Permissions (only visible if a user has been created in Security Setup), and selecting Patient Quick Entry from the permissions list.


Medisoft Patient Quick Entry Tutorial

Medisoft Patient Quick Entry Tutorial Information

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