Network Setup

While this course will not go through specifics of network setup and configuration, we will introduce you to some preliminary setup tools and troubleshooting tips that will help you identify whether a network is set up properly for use with the Medisoft program.

Network Hardware

Network hardware must meet certain requirements for use with the Medisoft program. NOTE: WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND GIGABIT SPEED NETWORKING, and Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES DO WE SUPPORT WIRELESS NETWORKS AS PACKETS CAN DROP.

Cables: All network cables must be CAT5 or better.

Network Interface Cards (NIC): All NICs must have the capability of data transfers at a rate of 100 Mbps or higher.

Hubs, Routers, and Switches: Whether you use a Hub, Router, or Switch will depend on your individual situation. Whichever device you choose must also have the capability of data transfers at a rate of 100 Mbps or higher.

Most wireless networks do not have data transfer rates of 100 Mbps or higher. Because of this, it is not recommended that you attempt to install and run the Medisoft program on a wireless network.

Network Components

Network components are items that must be configured within the network setup portion of your operating system. The following components are required on BOTH the server machine and any client machines.

Client for Microsoft Networks

File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks

Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)

It is possible or likely that an office will have other network components installed. Generally, these additional components will not cause problems with the functionality of the Medisoft program. However, there are certain items that could possibly cause a problem.

The most common conflict comes with the installation of a Protocol other than TCP/IP. Usually, the protocol that will be installed is NetBEUI. NetBEUI is a protocol that requires very little setup or configuration. For this reason, people with less experience in setting up networks will set one up using NetBEUI as the protocol. Unfortunately, the Advantage Database Server does not support NetBEUI functionality. If you see both NetBEUI and TCP/IP installed in the network components, the system is probably running on NetBEUI, and therefore the Medisoft program will not be able to connect to the Advantage Database Server.


Tips and Tricks:
If the network is running on the NetBEUI protocol instead of TCP/IP, Medisoft will usually return the error 6420.
If you see both TCP/IP and NetBEUI installed on the same system, it often indicates that the person setting up the network was not able to successfully configure the TCP/IP protocol, and installed NetBEUI as a quick way to get network functionality. If removing NetBEUI causes the network to stop functioning, you know that TCP/IP is not set up properly.
Medisoft will not install onto Novell Networks.

Server Name

All computers on a network are given a name that will be used to identify that computer on the Network. The Medisoft Program uses this network name to connect to the data over the network. You can find the name of your server by right-clicking the My Computer icon and clicking Properties. If you click the tab labeled Computer Name, you will be able to identify the name of this computer on the network. It is imperative that you note the computer name, as it will be required in order to set up your Medisoft program.


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