Provider Entry – PINs Tab
Depending on the type of claims you file, you could have separate PINs and/or Group IDs for each provider for different insurance carriers.  The PINs tab provides a PIN matrix where you can store these additional PINs and Group IDs.  This matrix is also available in the Insurance Carrier window, PINs tab.  You can enter information through either window.

If you send electronic claims, you are also required to enter qualifiers to the PINs and Group IDs, if applicable.  These qualifier codes indicate the PIN or Group ID type.

NOTE: If you converted data from Medisoft 10 or previous, the qualifiers may have been converted as well.  Verify that the qualifiers are correct for each PIN and/or Group ID.  See Converted EDI Fields for the PIN Matrix.

For a list of valid qualifiers, click here.

0B = State License

1A = Blue Cross Provider Number

1B = Blue Shield Provider Number

1C = Medicare Provider Number

1D = Medicaid Provider Number

1G = Provider UPIN Number

1H = Champus Identification Number

1J = Facility ID Number

B3 = Preferred Provider Organization Number

BQ = Health Maintenance Organization Code Number

EI = Employer’s Identification Number

FH = Clinic Number

G2 = Provider Commercial Number

G5 = Provider Site Number

LU = Location Number

N5 = Provider Plan Network Identification Number

SY = Social Security Number

U3 = Unique Supplier Identification Number

X5 = State Industrial Accident Provider Number

Refer to the implementation guide for your insurance carrier if you are not sure which qualifier to use.  This is not provided by Medisoft practice management software, but by your carrier.

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