Setting up Your Practice In Medisoft Medical Billing Software

The Provider window contains important information about the providers associated with your practice. Each provider in the practice needs to have his or her own record set up in the database. You will use the Provider Class window to enter classes or groups for providers in your practice including group NPI numbers. The Referring Provider window contains important information about the referring providers associated with your practice.

You will use the Insurance Carrier window to enter insurance carrier records, and the Addresses window is used to enter address information important to your practice.

The Diagnosis List window displays all diagnosis codes that have been entered into the database and controls to edit or enter new codes. You will use the Procedure/Payment/Adjustment Code window to enter and edit, etc. procedure codes.

If you process electronic claims, you will use the EDI Receivers window to set up/edit EDI receivers.

The Patient List window is the main space for entering/editing patient and case information. Medisoft 14 introduces another method for Medisoft Advanced and Network Professional users, the Patient Quick Entry window, for creating and editing patient and case records that provides custom data entry and display options.

You can also take advantage of Medisoft Medical Billing Software’s security features and set up different users with varying degrees of permissions to application functions.

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